Learn how to shoot video

A baby elephant wanders the plains of Mara North. This herd of elephant, and in particular this baby provided hours of entertainment. It was always inquisitive and often playful, clearly desperate to let its adventurous side out and explore. Being so young though, it didn’t quite have the confidence, remaining close to the herd under the watchful eye of its mother. Moving with, and photographing a herd of elephant as they wander across the plains of Mara North leaves a deep feeling of acceptance and trust. This herd was always incredibly relaxed, and almost welcoming. At times it felt like they had an understanding that I was there to there to observe and appreciate their existence.

Would you let to get to grips with shooting video? Would you like to know how to shoot short films, Instagram reels and promotional videos on your stills camera? Join this workshop with Matthew Williams-Ellis to find out how to do it.

Photographing birds – a wing and a prayer?

Photographing birds isn’t as easy as it looks but you don’t have to do it on a wing and a prayer. Here we take a look at different approaches, how to get started, the equipment you need and some useful techniques to help get the shots.

Capturing character in people photography

How do you make more than just ordinary portraits and people shots? How do you approach people photography on your travels to capture your subject’s character? Irish travel photographer Trevor Cole works with indigenous people around the world and here he give some insights to his approaches to capturing people’s character in his photos

Finding space – keep it minimal

We’re all conscious of the need to find space and tranquility in our lives, and often travel to find it, but how can you incorporate this your photography too, to add impact and mood to an image? Using the four elements of design in your compositions will make them stronger and more engaging but adding space can take them to another level and enhance mood.

RGB – Colours of Nature

PART THREE – Red. A colour more associated with Autumn, red makes its first, strongest and most striking appearance as we move to warmer weather. Once a regular and widespread feature in the landscape, they are now returning as attentions turn to environment and conservation.

RGB – Colours of Nature

PART TWO – Green. With spring, nature brings vibrant colours and none more vibrant than green; the colour most associated with the natural world. So how do we use it with to convey the arrival of spring and as a graphic element?

RGB – Colours of Nature

PART ONE – Blue. With spring, nature brings vibrant colours back to the dull winter landscape. One of the most stunning spectacles is when woodlands burst into colour with bluebells. So how do you photograph a bluebell wood and make it more than just pretty?

Oooo baby, baby!


Shooting seasons, part five – The arrival of longer, warmer days heralds the season when wildlife raise their young.

Essential cropping

Moroccan Oranges, Morocco

We’ve all taken a shot where it wasn’t possible to get it completely perfect in-camera or events ruined our image. Here we look at how a careful crop might rescue an image.

A splash of colour


Shooting seasons, part four – As spring moves towards summer Helmingham Hall’s formal gardens burst into life and colour

Spring erupts… slowly

Part three – The transition from winter to spring presents limited photographic opportunities but tells an important part of the changes in seasons through the year on the estate

Winter in search of Narnia

Helmingham Hall

Starting the project – familiarisation and planning got underway in January and February. Would winter bring snow and transform a bleak landscape?

Shooting seasons

Shooting seasons - Helmingham Hall

In this series Chris Coe takes you with him through the changing seasons in England to capture the life of the Helmingham Hall estate in Suffolk.