Podcast – Karim Iliya

KARIM ILIYA has a passion for the natural world from the smallest creatures to the biggest mammals. His photography and film making have taken him on some amazing adventures, but here, in his conversation with Newton & Coe you find out all about even more amazing ones still to come

An Atlas of Endangered Species

Every hour, three species disappear and our incredible world is at risk. In An Atlas of Endangered Species, author Megan McCubbin guides us through the facts and arguments. Here we review this book and its contribution to understanding the issues.

The art of patience

Photography is about time and light. We often don’t have the time and the light is rarely right when we do. That’s where patience comes in. Making time yields benefits for photography, slowing down, observing and being more considered. This is especially true with digital cameras which encourage us to shoot more not shoot better. This is what happened when I knew there was an image but didn’t know what. It took patience and a year and a half to find it.

Same planet, another world -Gaza

The world is an angry place and nowhere more so than in Gaza and Israel. Whilst western media report on what’s happening there, they do so excluded from Gaza. Civilians are caught in the middle of the conflict. Feeling abandoned by the world, one Gazan describes life in a place without hope.

Autumn Fungi & Campfire Cooking

PHOTO WORKSHOP – Chris Coe is joined by wildlife and nature photographer, Ellie Rothnie, for a very special and unusual photo workshop. With bushcraft guides we’ll be finding and learning about fungi, then photographing them in autumn – macro and nature photography. In the evening we’ll be eating the edible ones on a campfire cooking session.

Podcast – Jack Lodge

At only 30, Jack Lodge is relatively new to photography but he’s already carving himself a career in one of the toughest genres – landscape. In a very interesting chat with Newton and Coe, we discover how a young photographer has worked his way from architect to a new career which is flourishing through his contemporary approach to building his brand.

Gannets & Owls

PHOTO WORKSHOP – Explore and photograph these two incredible bird species – gannets and owls – as they take to the wing from the sea cliffs and the meadowland. As well as gannets there are both barn owls and short-eared owls, but you’ll also see Razorbills, Puffins, Guillemots, Fulmar, Kittiwakes, Herring Gulls and Shags.
Small group – only 6 places

Quiet Nature

PHOTO WORKSHOP – Immerse yourself in nature, photographing its beauty, shapes, textures, patterns and colours. It’s a mindful and relaxing approach to photographing details and landscapes, and can be very rewarding, both for you and your photography. It will help you with your composition and to see better and more powerful images when photographing bigger landscapes too. ONLY 5 PLACES. Discount for registered Eye for the Light readers.

Crazy Red Squirrels

PHOTO WORKSHOP – Meet and photograph the charismatic and sometimes crazy red squirrels. They’re fast moving and always engaging. If you think photographing them is easy, then think again! You’ll learn how to read their behaviour then be ready to capture some shots. There’ll lots of wild birds so we’ll photograph them too. ONLY 5 PLACES. Discount for registered Eye for the Light readers.

Carnivals & Festivals – Böögg and Fritschi

Sechseläuten festival, Zürich, Switzerland. Böögg the snowman is burnt on a huge bonfire on the main square, at six o'clock sharp, and his head blown off with fireworks. The precise length of time taken to reach that point determines how good or bad a summer the city is in for. On 17 April 2023 it took over 50 minutes. © Rudolf Abraham

Rudolf Abraham tells us why he loves photographing carnivals and traditional festivals, focusing on two he has covered in Switzerland over the past year.

Podcast – Angie Nicholson

As a champion of women photographers, Angie Nicholson is an inspiration. She’s a journalist, camera gear reviewer, competition judge and the driving force behind both Camera Jabber and the SheClicks community. All this makes for a fascinating conversation.

Photography with a conscience

Leica M6

We often hear people talk about responsible photography but there is more to it than what you do when you’re travelling or out shooting. It starts with your camera gear and considering buying in the secondhand market is an easy way you can make a difference.

Photography by design

Find a photographic style is something which usually takes time, but for Linda Wride it has developed from her love of art, shape and form; something which was present from a very young age and is now coming through in her images.

Celebrating difference

Melania Sinibaldi is a photographer with a different perspective on photography and the world around us. Her vision of the things she photographs is all about connection and communicating the feelings they evoke.

Podcast – Marek Biegalski

Marek Biegalski is a landscape photographer. Inspired by the vast fire and ice landscapes of Iceland, he took to the air to get a different perspective. his drone and aerial photography from a plane. Listen to this Newton & Coe podcast to hear his story.

Learn how to shoot video

A baby elephant wanders the plains of Mara North. This herd of elephant, and in particular this baby provided hours of entertainment. It was always inquisitive and often playful, clearly desperate to let its adventurous side out and explore. Being so young though, it didn’t quite have the confidence, remaining close to the herd under the watchful eye of its mother. Moving with, and photographing a herd of elephant as they wander across the plains of Mara North leaves a deep feeling of acceptance and trust. This herd was always incredibly relaxed, and almost welcoming. At times it felt like they had an understanding that I was there to there to observe and appreciate their existence.

Would you let to get to grips with shooting video? Would you like to know how to shoot short films, Instagram reels and promotional videos on your stills camera? Join this workshop with Matthew Williams-Ellis to find out how to do it.

Two Feet, One Lens – Hiking the Juliana Trail

Julian Alps, Slovenia © Rudolf Abraham

In the second instalment of Two Feet, One Lens, Rudolf Abraham describes his experience on the Juliana Trail in Slovenia – a 330km circuit of the country’s highest mountain, Triglav.

Podcast – Cristina Mittermeier

Cristina ‘Mitty’ Mittermeier is a force of nature. A Mexican photographer, marine biologist, conservationist and activist she is a leading light in conservation photography with a particular passions for our oceans

Photographing birds – a wing and a prayer?

Photographing birds isn’t as easy as it looks but you don’t have to do it on a wing and a prayer. Here we take a look at different approaches, how to get started, the equipment you need and some useful techniques to help get the shots.

Capturing character in people photography

How do you make more than just ordinary portraits and people shots? How do you approach people photography on your travels to capture your subject’s character? Irish travel photographer Trevor Cole works with indigenous people around the world and here he give some insights to his approaches to capturing people’s character in his photos

Dinner or deadly – foraging for fungi

Nature’s larder is abundant with fruits, plants and fungi. In the woods you’ll find lots to eat, lots to avoid and many things with medicinal properties so it’s time to go framing for fungi. With a bushcraft expert, an adventure in autumn woodland proved to be a fascinating experience.