Our planet – earth in focus

Martin Hartley is an adventure and expedition photographer. In the course of his work he visits some of the most extreme and fragile parts of our planet, often with scientists, anthropologists and climate journalists. For him, climate change is real and evident. In this series he examines the issues around climate, conservation and the people and environments affected by it.

Podcast – Rachel Bigsby

Rachel Bigsby is a name you’ll hear more of in the future, especially if you’re in to wildlife photography and especially photographing birds. Still only young and not yet fully turned pro, she’s passionate about her photography and is developing an interesting style. We discover more as we talk to her about wildlife and her career.

Time to wake up and act!

Didcot, England

Climate change is real and it’s here now so how do we make a difference as human beings and can photography contribute? Ahead of our new series on climate change, conservation and photography, Photomouth looks at some of the issues.

Road to more fun…

For our second festival, Monty takes us to the Cotswolds and an adventure on the silver screen for a weekend of fascinating films and inspiring people. The Adventure Travel Film Festival brings together films of the most amazing journeys and adventures, talks and masterclasses in a wonderful and all-inclusive setting.

Festival of fun

Wherever you are in the world there is bound to be a festival going on. In the UK, summer is the festival season, and many smaller and independent ones can be little gems worthy of our attention and great to experience, especially those with an arts and cultural theme.

Finding space – keep it minimal

We’re all conscious of the need to find space and tranquility in our lives, and often travel to find it, but how can you incorporate this your photography too, to add impact and mood to an image? Using the four elements of design in your compositions will make them stronger and more engaging but adding space can take them to another level and enhance mood.

Podcast – Barbara Dall’Angelo

Barbara Dall’Angelo embodies Italian passion and the sensitive insight of a female photographer. In this podcast we explore her photography and her creative approach to seeing the world in her own unique way.

RGB – Colours of Nature

PART THREE – Red. A colour more associated with Autumn, red makes its first, strongest and most striking appearance as we move to warmer weather. Once a regular and widespread feature in the landscape, they are now returning as attentions turn to environment and conservation.

Ethical Travel Photography & Social Media

Social media and especially Instagram have become a major part of travel as phones make photographers of all of us. But what impact is this having on travel photography for photographers who shoot on a real camera or even work professionally?

Responsible Photography in Conservation

An Elephant silhouetted by the sun setting behind the imposing Oloololo Escarpment in Mara North Conservancy. Elephant populations are a conservation success story of the last 30 years. Although still lower than it was 50 years ago, the population is now increasing annually thanks for conservation initiatives. Despite this, it is important not to become complacent, as increasing populations lead to more human-wildlife conflict with elephants destroying crops and being pushed closer to settlements.

Travel and wildlife photographer Matthew Williams-Ellis talks about photographing wildlife in a responsible way in Kenya’s Masai Mara in support of the Mara Predator Conservation Programme

Podcast – Frank Meo

There’s no money in photography. Wrong! In this fascinating podcast with New York photographers’ agent Frank Meo he gives us a different take on working as a photographer. His advice is pure gold.

Read the rules!

Photomouth – We all love a photography competition. It’s a chance to put your photography alongside your peers and maybe win both prizes and recognition. But there are good and bad competitions so what should you look out for to protect your work?

RGB – Colours of Nature

PART TWO – Green. With spring, nature brings vibrant colours and none more vibrant than green; the colour most associated with the natural world. So how do we use it with to convey the arrival of spring and as a graphic element?

Icebergs to Iguanas

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Photographic Journeys around the World – Wildlife, conservation and National Geographic photographer Jason Edwards’ 30 year journey in photography.

RGB – Colours of Nature

PART ONE – Blue. With spring, nature brings vibrant colours back to the dull winter landscape. One of the most stunning spectacles is when woodlands burst into colour with bluebells. So how do you photograph a bluebell wood and make it more than just pretty?

Podcast – Kathy Moran

As Deputy Director of Photography at National Geographic, Kathy Moran worked with some of the very best photographers, especially in wildlife and conservation. Here she shares her insight into photography and picture editing.

Eye for the Light goes FREE…

Eye for the Light is now free-to-view. You can now read all feature without a subscription – there are over 90 features and podcasts to keep you interested, with more on the way…

AI and what it means for photography?

Photomouth – AI (artificial intelligence) is causing seismic shifts in the creative world and the implications for photography are huge. What is it and what it could mean for photography?

Grizzly bear necessities in wild Alaska

Katmai; Alaska

Alaska is a wild and not easily accessible place. One of the rewards for getting to its more remote places is the opportunity to encounter wildlife in its own unspoilt natural habitat. My adventure was to meet and photograph the grizzly bears of Katmai.

Inspiring Photography Event

A weekend of insightful talks, panel discussions and portfolio reviews at the Royal Photographic Society in Bristol (UK), 27th–28th May 2023.

Over-photographed: Chefchaouen, Morocco

Once a ‘hidden gem’, the blue city of Chefchaouen in northern Morocco, has become an Instagram sensation. Lured by the enduring appeal of its transcendental blue walls, the huge influx of visitors means the city is now at risk from overtourism.