Podcast 17 – Carsten Egevang

A quiet persona disguises a dry sense of humour and a fierce passion within Danish photographer, Carsten Egevang. Here he gives Newton and Coe a different perspective on the power of photography to drive change.

Inspiring Photography

A weekend of fascinating talks and panel discussions at the Royal Photographic Society in Bristol (UK) on 27th and 28th May 2023. Join us!

Words to pictures…

Words can be powerful but a photograph can speak a thousand words. So what can a writer with a camera tell us about the world we live in? Does the camera add an extra dimension to the message?

Sofa-surfing Thai

Thai photographer Natcha Wongchanglaw is exploring the world of art photography through conceptual portraiture. But there’s a lot more to her than simply this as she learns and heads towards a future career in photography.

Over-photographed: Chefchaouen, Morocco

Once a ‘hidden gem’, the blue city of Chefchaouen in northern Morocco, has become an Instagram sensation. Lured by the enduring appeal of its transcendental blue walls, the huge influx of visitors means the city is now at risk from overtourism.

Podcast 16 – Jason Edwards

The mosaic jigsaw patterns on the flank hide skin of a Masai giraffe, Girrafa camelopardalis tippelskirchi.

For Australian natural history and conservation photographer, Jason Edwards, photography is a thirty year passions which has taken him around the world and to shooting for National Geographic. This podcast is full of fascinating insights into a successful and driven photographic career.

In the RAW

Photomouth looks at real or fake – The authenticity of photographs has always been a major consideration but with more and more advanced digital imaging software and a perception that images online are free, it is a difficult area to police, both for photographers and photo competitions like TPOTY.

Living Planet report

Our planet is changing, and too fast! The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has recently publish a report on the state of our planet’s wildlife, and the impacts of climate change on biodiversity. So what does it reveal?

Podcast 15 – Martin Hartley

Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no climate cold enough! For adventure photographer, Martin Hartley that is probably more true than for any other photographer on the planet. Martin thrives where others fear to tread. Here he gives Newton and Coe a glimpse of his approach to photography and travel.

Vanishing Cuba

Cuba is a country of contrasts and, in the eyes of the world, known for the cliches of vintage American cars, dance, boxing, cigars and Caribbean colour. We review a book which will tempt any travelling photographer.

In my mind’s eye

Monty and Chris are on the road again, this time it’s a journey of rediscovery to reignite a passion. After 20 years of running Travel Photographer of the Year, Chris is now looking to return to a life with much more time for photography. On this trip the objective was to try to realise images which had been in my head for some time.

Meet the judges – Megan MCCubbin

Zoologist and conservationist, Megan McCubbin, adds a welcome new perspective to this year’s TPOTY judging panel. She is also a talented photographer with a passion for wildlife photography and a keen interest in other photographic genres.

Podcast 14 – Elisa Iannacone

The life of Elisa Iannacone touches area which many photographers shy away from, yet her positivity and creativity shine through in her inspirational conceptual images and films.

Meet the judges – Chris Rainier

Canadian photographer, Chris Rainier, got his grounding in photography as Ansel Adams last assistant and has gone on to work with National Geographic. He is co-founder of The Cultural Sanctuaries Foundation.

Imminent death in paradise

Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii is synonymous with palm fringed beaches against a volcanic backdrop. It’s a holiday destination but also a wild place. However, this wild side is under threat.


In the days of film the only technology photographers need to worry about was their camera. With digital photography, the camera is just the start – wires, connectors, drives and backup storage becoming a big consideration.

Bear necessities

Katmai; Alaska

Alaska is a wild and not easily accessible place. One of the rewards for getting there are is the opportunity to encounter wildlife in its own unspoilt natural habitat. Here we meet and photograph the bears of Katmai.

Interstellar rising star

In part one of ‘Rising star’ we talked to Landscape Photographer of the Year winner, Mara Leite, about how she got started in photography. Here we look at her passion for the universe.

Rising star

Mara Leite is a rising star of photography. Intelligent, thoughtful and talented, she applies herself to her photography in a considered and environmental conscious way.

Podcast 13 – Emma Thomson

Travel journalist, Emma Thomson, has won many awards following her passion for travel and adventure. Here she talks to Newton & Coe about her expeditions, writing for National Geographic, photography and much more.

Oooo baby, baby!


Shooting seasons, part five – The arrival of longer, warmer days heralds the season when wildlife raise their young.