Astrophotography with Mara Leite

Mara Leite was crowned winner of the UK Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2021. Find out why astrophotography is her biggest passion.

Above and below

There are fascinating worlds both below the ocean surface and from up in the clouds. Scott Portelli is wildlife, nature and underwater photographer and film maker. He talks to us about his work, wild places and his focus on conservation and education

Curious beasts

Jasper’s photos come from his innate curiosity for the creatures he encounters.

Human connections

Photographer Trevor Cole with the leader of an Ethiopian tribe.

Photographer-geographer Trevor Cole tells us how he approaches photographing the people he meets in Ethiopia’s Omo Valley and South Sudan, among other travels.

Following the fisherwomen

Multi-award winning documentary photographer Craig Easton tells us about his latest social documentary photography projects ‘Fisherwomen’ and ‘Bank Top’.