Same planet, another world -Gaza

The world is an angry place and nowhere more so than in Gaza and Israel. Whilst western media report on what’s happening there, they do so excluded from Gaza. Civilians are caught in the middle of the conflict. Feeling abandoned by the world, one Gazan describes life in a place without hope.

Photography with a conscience

Leica M6

We often hear people talk about responsible photography but there is more to it than what you do when you’re travelling or out shooting. It starts with your camera gear and considering buying in the secondhand market is an easy way you can make a difference.

Photography by design

Find a photographic style is something which usually takes time, but for Linda Wride it has developed from her love of art, shape and form; something which was present from a very young age and is now coming through in her images.

Celebrating difference

Melania Sinibaldi is a photographer with a different perspective on photography and the world around us. Her vision of the things she photographs is all about connection and communicating the feelings they evoke.

Capturing character in people photography

How do you make more than just ordinary portraits and people shots? How do you approach people photography on your travels to capture your subject’s character? Irish travel photographer Trevor Cole works with indigenous people around the world and here he give some insights to his approaches to capturing people’s character in his photos

Dinner or deadly – foraging for fungi

Nature’s larder is abundant with fruits, plants and fungi. In the woods you’ll find lots to eat, lots to avoid and many things with medicinal properties so it’s time to go framing for fungi. With a bushcraft expert, an adventure in autumn woodland proved to be a fascinating experience.

Podcast – Tiffany Coates

Some people are born for adventure and Tiffany Coates is one of them. A motorcycle journey to India started adventures around the world, many solo, and she’s now the world’s foremost female motorcycle adventurer. Here she talks to Newton & Coe about her life, how she discovered motorbiking and the many adventures it’s taken her on.

We’re fishing ourselves out of existence

With COP28 fast approaching, what is the real state of our planet now? Not the sanitised version which our politicians would have us believe as an excuse for their inaction, but the reality. In the third in this series on environment, climate change and conservation, Martin Hartley looks at the current state of our planet and how climate impacts are being felt today around the world.

Climate photography today

A tale of two oceans. Photography is at the forefront of documenting changes in our climate. Both the Arctic and Antarctic Oceans are important markers of both change and the rate of change. In the second feature in this series, Martin Hartley takes a look at the contrasting way these two oceans have been and are being documented.

Our planet – earth in focus

Martin Hartley is an adventure and expedition photographer. In the course of his work he visits some of the most extreme and fragile parts of our planet, often with scientists, anthropologists and climate journalists. For him, climate change is real and evident. In this series he examines the issues around climate, conservation and the people and environments affected by it.

Responsible Photography in Conservation

An Elephant silhouetted by the sun setting behind the imposing Oloololo Escarpment in Mara North Conservancy. Elephant populations are a conservation success story of the last 30 years. Although still lower than it was 50 years ago, the population is now increasing annually thanks for conservation initiatives. Despite this, it is important not to become complacent, as increasing populations lead to more human-wildlife conflict with elephants destroying crops and being pushed closer to settlements.

Travel and wildlife photographer Matthew Williams-Ellis talks about photographing wildlife in a responsible way in Kenya’s Masai Mara in support of the Mara Predator Conservation Programme

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Inspiring Photography Event

A weekend of insightful talks, panel discussions and portfolio reviews at the Royal Photographic Society in Bristol (UK), 27th–28th May 2023.

Words to pictures: Karen Zusman

Karen Zusman is a poet but she has now discovered the power of photography and is now making pictures with words. She used photography as a powerful communication tool that connects communities through her ‘Superpower of me’ project.

Sofa-surfing with Natcha Wongchanglaw

Thai photographer Natcha Wongchanglaw explores the world of art photography through conceptual portraiture. She has just won a Royal Photographic Society award for her couch-surfing project.

Living Planet report

Our planet is changing, and too fast! The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has recently publish a report on the state of our planet’s wildlife, and the impacts of climate change on biodiversity. So what does it reveal?

Imminent death in paradise

Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii is synonymous with palm fringed beaches against a volcanic backdrop. It’s a holiday destination but also a wild place. However, this wild side is under threat.

Astrophotography with Mara Leite

Mara Leite was crowned winner of the UK Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2021. Find out why astrophotography is her biggest passion.

Rising star: Mara Leite

Mara Leite was the overall winner of the UK Landscape Photographer of the Year in 2021. Intelligent, thoughtful and talented, she applies herself to her photography in a considered and environmentally conscious way.

Above and below

There are fascinating worlds both below the ocean surface and from up in the clouds. Scott Portelli is wildlife, nature and underwater photographer and film maker. He talks to us about his work, wild places and his focus on conservation and education

Xposure exposure

Xposure International Photography Festival is held in Sharjah, UAE, each February. The 2022 festival took place in February so what did we think of it?