Podcast – Tiffany Coates

Some people are born for adventure and Tiffany Coates is one of them. A motorcycle journey to India started adventures around the world, many solo, and she’s now the world’s foremost female motorcycle adventurer. Here she talks to Newton & Coe about her life, how she discovered motorbiking and the many adventures it’s taken her on.

The World’s Foremost Female Motorcycle Adventurer

Tiffany Coates is a remarkable and inspiring woman. She has explored six continents by motorcycle, riding over 300,000 miles, mostly solo, on her motorbike – an 800cc BMW called Thelma. She’s travelled through countless countries during more than twenty years of adventurous journeys.

Always a wandering spirit, she began her very first motorcycle trip with her best friend. Having recently passed their tests they had just two months of riding experience between them when they set off. Here Tiffany talks to Newton & Coe about her life, her first journey and how the adventure bug grabbed her.

Twenty years and many, many miles later, Tiffany continues to push back the boundaries of motorcycle travel with her own journeys.

Her adventures have included all the great journeys. As she freely admits, she’s not a great planner, but this has lead to some amazing experiences that more structured travel probably wouldn’t open up. She grasps the positives and handles the difficulties thrown at her with a smile and joy for life.

Intrigued? Listen to our conversation with Tiffany. She’s a fascinating woman who will spark your wanderlust and desire to explore.

Tiffany Coates in conversation with Newton & Coe

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By Chris Coe

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