Super-size me

A man, a woman, a baby and a dog explore the world in an ex-British army truck converted to a home on very big wheels.

Big Blue distant horizons

If you have been following along with Chris’ story about Monty, then you’ll already know who I am. For those that don’t, I’m Dave Newton, an award-winning professional photographer and filmmaker. Arguably more relevantly though, I was the creator of Monty, back when I knew him as a her I called Brenda. 

About 4 years ago a series of events put the idea in my mind that living in a van would be a good idea. I was travelling internationally for a lot of the year and paying rent on a large house that was nothing more than a glorified self-storage unit for my stuff. So a van seemed an obvious solution and it greatly appealed to my nomadic nature. 

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By David Newton

With a love for the outdoors, travel, the natural world and adventure, British professional photographer and filmmaker David Newton is known for his versatility and his ability to tackle even the most complex subjects with minimum fuss. His images, his photographic expertise and his talent for teaching and presenting to audiences have led to him becoming an educator, representative or ambassador for some of the world’s biggest imaging brands including Canon, H&Y, Eizo, SanDisk, Manfrotto, Lastolite, LitePanels and Koy Lab. A finalist in several categories of TPOTY in 2019 at his first time of entering, he went one better and won the Islands category in 2020. A perennial nomad, Dave loves to travel, so with his partner, daughter and dog they are about to embark on a lifetime of slow-paced travel to see the world without rushing.