Introducing… Ankit Kumar

Twice winner of Young TPOTY, author of self-published photo book ‘Survivors’, creator of his own charity and he’s STILL only 18.

Ankit Kumar Young TPOTY
An infant pig-tailed macaque along the Kinabatangan river in Borneo, Malaysia © Ankit Kumar.

You’ve been taking photos since you were 12, who or what first inspired you to pick up a camera?

My mother is the reason I got into photography. She owned a DSLR and often took photos on our family holidays. I got the chance to play around with her camera but I didn’t really know what I was doing, but it got me interested in photography nonetheless. My parents gave me a DSLR for my thirteenth birthday and I then learned the basics of photography from my mother while we were on safari.

Did you grow up surrounded by nature? Do you have nature nearby that you regularly visit and photograph?

Growing up in Singapore I wasn’t exactly surrounded by wildlife. Singapore does have areas of nature – and there is a significant community of nature photographers based here – but I never spent a lot of time photographing the local wildlife. I didn’t really have the patience required for birding when I first started, nor the technical skill required to explore other genres of photography like macro photography. Many of my interactions with nature occurred while I was on holiday. My family loves to travel and in particular to Africa which allowed me to experience many natural habitats. Over time, I did trips to other locations including Borneo and Canada. Since I had an advanced open water diver certification I also developed a keen interest in underwater photography.

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By Diana Jarvis

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