Podcast – Eamonn McCabe

Newton & Coe – Eamonn McCabe’s photographs are well known. Here we chat with him about his multifaceted life in photography.

Since this podcast was recorded, we have learned of the sudden death of Eamonn. Growing up he was one of my photographic heroes and went on to become a friend. His contribution to photography was remarkable and he inspired both me and many other photographers to be better. I shall miss deeply our photography chats in the pub and will always regard him with great warmth and fondness. Chris Coe

Eamonn McCabe has won Sports Photographer or the Year (4 times), News Photographer of the Year and Picture Editor of the Year (6 times). So how did he get into photography and where has it taken him?

Eamonn joins David and Chris for a chat, telling the story of how a north London boy came to be an award winning photographer. We also discuss the many phases of his career, including picture editing for a national newspaper, and what he’s doing now.  

He’s gone on to front a BBC series on the history of photography and regularly appears on radio.

Amongst his many accolades he also has several pieces of his photographic work hung in The National Portrait Gallery collection in London, England.

Eamonn McCabe in conversation with Newton & Coe

During this podcast Eamonn talks about photographing the Rolling Stones. Since the recording, drummer Charlie Watts has passed away. We’d like to offer our sincere condolences to Charlie’s family and friends.

To see more of his work visit his website at: www.eamonnmccabe.co.uk


By Newton and Coe

David Newton and Chris Coe are professional photographers and hosts of the Eye for the Light podcast, brought to you by Travel Photographer of the Year.