Podcast – Kathy Moran

As Deputy Director of Photography at National Geographic, Kathy Moran worked with some of the very best photographers, especially in wildlife and conservation. Here she shares her insight into photography and picture editing.

Kathy Moran is a softly-spoken bundle of knowledge and experience which any photographer who wants to get their work published should listen to. Her advice is priceless

She has worked on over 300 stories for National Geographic and with some of the best photographers, especially in the field of wildlife and conservation.

As a founder member of the International League of Conservation Photographers and at the forefront of many of National Geographic’s wildlife and conservation stories, Kathy is still heavily involved in wildlife photography since leaving the magazine.

She has just taken over as chair of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year and begins her three year tenure this year. You certainly won’t regret it if you listen to her chat with Newton & Coe.

Kathy Moran in conversation with Newton & Coe

Images courtesy of Brian Skerry, Michael Nicholls, Brent Stirton and National Geographic


By Chris Coe

Chris is a professional photographer, and the founder of Travel Photographer of the Year. He has been working as a professional photographer since 1992, shooting both editorial and advertising photography, and has published over 50 books. He lectures on and teaches photography, mentors and is a competition judge.