In the days of film the only technology photographers need to worry about was their camera. With digital photography, the camera is just the start – wires, connectors, drives and backup storage becoming a big consideration.

Today’s solutions, tomorrow’s problems

I had a very interesting discussion with a small group of photographers recently on a subject which may not initially seem particularly interesting, but it very quickly exposed the breadth of experiences and approaches by different photographers, based on their backgrounds and to some extent their ages. It also led on to an even more important consideration.

The topic was storage and back up of photographic image files. You can be forgiven for thinking let’s keep this conversation as short as possible! However, the discussion quickly raised a number of issues which, particularly as digital photographers, we should all be aware of.

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By Chris Coe

Chris is a professional photographer, and the founder of Travel Photographer of the Year. He has been working as a professional photographer since 1992, shooting both editorial and advertising photography, and has published over 50 books. He lectures on and teaches photography, mentors and is a competition judge.