“My best is yet to come”

“I still think that I’m improving”: Paul Sansome believes he can take his best photograph tomorrow. He discusses how his photography has improved – and continues to improve.

When you first became involved in photography who or what inspired you then, and who or what inspires you now?

When I started in photography I was almost exclusively a landscape photographer. This was still true when I became a professional in 2003. One particular influence was an American photographer called David Munch; I saw him as somebody who was able to earn a living from creating artful photography. He sowed the seed in my mind of what I wanted to do work-wise; at the time I was in a computing-related career but the thought processes of how to earn one’s income from your passion for something is an inspiration I put down to him above other photographers.

The great thing about photography is the different genres we can turn our attention to. I absolutely adore wildlife photography but it’s very expensive and I don’t always view it as commercially successful as landscape work; in more recent years much of my own photography has been travel-based.

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By Simon Willmore

Simon is the Developer for Eye for the Light. He has worked in travel journalism and publishing for a decade, writing for Rough Guides, Frommer's and Bradt Guides, and is the youngest-ever chairman of the British Guild of Travel Writers.