Finding my ‘eye for the light’

Diana Jarvis is co-editor of Eye for the Light. She explains how she ended up working in travel photography.

When I first started working in travel publishing in 2003, it was a pivotal time for photography; digital cameras were becoming affordable and the image quality was just about good enough for print reproduction. Many pros, however, remained skeptical and hadn’t yet made the leap from film to digital.
Picture libraries were still the gatekeepers of vast archives of transparencies and the roles of picture librarian and picture researcher were specialisms markedly distinct from that of a designer or editor.

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By Diana Jarvis

Diana is a writer and editor at Eye for the Light. She has a BA in History of Art and an MSc in Environment and Sustainability and has worked in travel publishing for 18 years as a photographer, book designer and writer for a wide range of publications. She’s also the Publishing and Photography Director at the British Guild of Travel Writers and undertakes travel and tourism photography commissions. You can see her work at