Podcast 17 – Carsten Egevang

A quiet persona disguises a dry sense of humour and a fierce passion within Danish photographer, Carsten Egevang. Here he gives Newton and Coe a different perspective on the power of photography to drive change.

Podcast 16 – Jason Edwards

The mosaic jigsaw patterns on the flank hide skin of a Masai giraffe, Girrafa camelopardalis tippelskirchi.

For Australian natural history and conservation photographer, Jason Edwards, photography is a thirty year passions which has taken him around the world and to shooting for National Geographic. This podcast is full of fascinating insights into a successful and driven photographic career.

Podcast 15 – Martin Hartley

Ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no climate cold enough! For adventure photographer, Martin Hartley that is probably more true than for any other photographer on the planet. Martin thrives where others fear to tread. Here he gives Newton and Coe a glimpse of his approach to photography and travel.

Podcast 13 – Emma Thomson

Travel journalist, Emma Thomson, has won many awards following her passion for travel and adventure. Here she talks to Newton & Coe about her expeditions, writing for National Geographic, photography and much more.

Podcast 12 – Chris Rainier

Canadian photographer, Chris Rainier, has had an interesting career in photography. Here he talks to Newton & Coe about working for Ansel Adams, indigenous cultures, smart phones, sustainability, language, the power of photography and much more.

Podcast 11 – Elia Locardi

The stars dance above the extraordinary Mt Bromo Indonesia as the morning fog rolls through the caldera.

American travel photographer was on the road for many years. Here he talks everything from photography, digital manipulation and NFTs with Newton & Coe.

Podcast 10 – Aaron Gekoski

On the dangerous end of conservation, environmental photojournalist Aaron Gekoski talks to Newton & Coe about his work and life in photography

Podcast 9 – Richard Dunwoody

Newton & Coe – Richard Dunwoody is a former champion jockey, adventurer and Strictly Come Dancing contestant. But now he’s a professional photography. Here we find out about his photography and motivations to carve out a career.

Podcast 8 – Chris Coe

Chris Coe is the co-founder of Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) and has been a photographer for over 30 years. Here he chats with Newton & Coe co-host, David Newton.

Podcast 7 – David Newton

David is the Newton part of Newton & Coe. He’s been co-hosting our Newton & Coe podcasts with Chris Coe for several months now so we thought we’d give you an insight into the man and his photography.

Podcast 6 – Kiran Ridley

TPOTY 2019 Winners

Newton & Coe – Kiran Ridley is a photo-journalist. Here he talks to us about his work throughout Europe and Asia, concentrating on news, social political topics and the human experience.

Podcast 5 – Larry Louie

TPOTY Collection

Larry Louie is a Canadian optometrist but photography is his passion. In 2010, he was the overall winner of TPOTY with eight stunning B&W images of Mali and Tibet.

Podcast 4 – Eamonn McCabe

Sylvester Mittee in gym Kings Cross

Newton & Coe – Eamonn McCabe’s photographs are well known. Here we chat with him about his multifaceted life in photography.

Podcast 3 – Jordan Banks

Torres Del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile, South America

Newton & Coe – Photography and publishing are all in the mix as Jordan chats about creating and selling images, plus the launch of JRNY magazine.

Podcast 1 – Margaret Soraya

Newton & Coe – Margaret Soraya talks quiet landscapes and mindfulness in photography. Margaret is an English landscape photographer based in Scotland. Her work is thoughtful and tranquil.